• Custom Millwork Fabrication

    Built upon 30 years of skilled craftsmanship, Northwest Cabinets, Inc. has become one of the leading laminate casework, architectural woodwork & counter top manufacturers in this area. We credit our success to a very strong work ethic & an on-going commitment to excellence.

    To experience quality craftsmanship and service excellence, choose Northwest Cabinets, Inc. for all of your custom casework manufacturing.

    Here at Northwest Cabinets inc. we incorporate several elements in our effort to provide you with the best product possible:

    • Client counseling and custom design
    • Detailed shop & production drawings
    • State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment
    • Dedicated and skilled craftsmen for all millwork/casework installations
    • Coordination/cooperation with owners, contractors and other trades
    • Exceptional customer service


    In client service applications, aesthetic appeal is a MUST!

    Our design professionals work closely with you and our production team to create an organized and professional atmosphere which clients and employees can find inviting and comfortable.

    Reception Admitting


    We’re with you every step of the way! It is our goal as a company to not only provide quality products, but to provide quality service as well. With every project, large or small, we strive to have every step completed without flaw. At Northwest Cabinets, Inc. we understand how important customer service is.


    Wall Cabinet Construction
    Base Cabinet Construction
    Countertop Construction


    At Northwest Cabinets, Inc. we measure success by:

    • The quality & durability of our products
    • The quality of our services

    Northwest Cabinets, Inc. meets the industry’s highest professional standards of excellence by employing skilled team members and using both traditional techniques and modern computerized manufacturing systems.


    The dental lab shown above is an example of maximized functionality for students. Through consultation with owner & architect, we have created a clean/tailored learning environment.


    Cleanliness is one of the most important factors to consider in the food service industry. Northwest Cabinets, Inc. can offer stainless steel and solid surface counter tops (as shown above and on previous page) when resistance to bacteria, moisture, effects of harsh heat, and cleaning products is required.

    Also shown is the beautiful laminate casework and stainless steel signage. Not only are these items ideal for food services because of the easy clean up, but they are also very inviting to customers because of the warm wood tones, clean lines, and overall appearance of simple elegance.